SUPPER’s COMING!  March 29, 2018!!

Our submission process led us to Phinneas Kiyomura‘s dark comedy.  We can’t wait to share it with you and welcome his Contemporary American drama to Prague!!


Join us for SUPPER by Phinneas Kiyomura at Divadlo 21 on March 29, 2018.

In association with The Language House TEFL.  A co-production with Studio Savec.
Directed by Alexandr Krasny.

Four brothers, each an heir to their father’s vast oil empire, come together for a meal with their father to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the eldest brother in his fiancé’s home in Japan. They bring to the table a shared violent history of (literal) back stabbing, emotional and physical abuse, and a constant fight for their parents’ approval.

As they wait for their father to arrive – the old coot has no sense of time, and yet, a wonderful sense of timing – old wounds begin to fester, swords are drawn, and tea is served.

Be a part of a family reunion that is so tense you can cut it with a knife…literally.


For pre-sale tickets, email with your first and last name and how many tickets you would like.

All pre-sale tickets are 300czk.

To reserve tickets to purchase the night of the performance, email with your first and last name, how many tickets you would like, and your phone number.

All tickets purchased the night of the performance are 350czk and must be paid in cash at the theater.

Questions? Email us at!

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You to…SUPPER.


Photos from Glengarry Glen Ross, March 2017.