Here to serve.

Our goal with CATNIP (Contemporary American Theatre Now In Prague) is to serve our international community with stories that speak to  the current social, political, economic and gender themes that impact us all. We aim to produce quality environmental, immersive and experiential theater in Prague at the highest possible standard.

We do this through relationships with our artistic community, including our venue Studio Savec, creative space for creative creatures. Our first three productions have all been housed at Studio Savec, located conveniently in the center of Prague. We’ve transformed this space into 1940s Harlem, 1950s New Orleans and 1980s Chicago via the creative vision of Antonín Malý and an incredible arts team. We’re crafty international art-makers and community builders, and we take great pride in our work and in our worlds.  Please click on all the links to learn more about how we, individually, and our work collectively, helps others create and grow.

Harlem’s Awakening, Studio Savec, Set Design by Antonin Maly

By working with independent visual artists such as Jan Miko and Isa Juchniewicz , as well as the alumni of The Language House, TEFL, one of our primary esteemed sponsors, we extend our reach to our community to offer a blank canvas to create magic.

Streetcar Poster 1

With each production we offer an extension of the play’s theme or content by creating community programming to accompany the run of the staged works, further adding to the creative mission of both CATNIP and Studio Savec, such as the Vintage Fashion Show & Tea Party, Welcome to Storyville or post-show Gender & Diversity Talk-Backs ,to create a space where we can expound upon issues of identity, conflict and human relations that continue to play a role in today’s changing world.

GGR Gender and Diversity Talk back pic.jpg

We cast ethically, and we unite an international audience interested in history, truth and entertainment.

Thankfully, Prague has welcomed our American sensibilities, and has become an artistic home for our top-notch entertainment and interdisciplinary visions. We are driven to build solid and beautiful international art-making relationships, with our colleagues and audiences alike, so that we can serve, honor, and further the global conversation and community.

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