From the start, our amazing sponsors have helped us create a synergy that fosters growth and creativity. As a growing theater company, we are in need of sponsors. Please consider joining us. We can use support with venues, costumes, marketing, and financial support.

TLH LOGO (1) The Language House, TEFL | The Language House, an internationally recognized TEFL course in Prague, enables prospective teachers to receive an accredited certificate to teach English as a foreign language. An American owned school, The Language House goes beyond certifying teachers and creates community amongst its graduates and students around the world. Through a unique partnership, CATNIP has become the artistic outlet for TLH alumni and a way to combine teaching English with the theater. Chris Westergaard, the founder of The Language House, made his stage debut with CATNIP, in Dick and Jayne Get A Life  when it remounted in Prague for the 2015 Prague Fringe Festival, and all three of CATNIP’s core members (Nicole J. Adelman, Peppur Chambers, and Stephanie Cohen) are all certified teachers through TLH.

logo Studio Savec | Our artistic home, Studio Savec is a multicultural, creative work space in the center of Prague. Home to artists, photographers, cinematographers, musicians, producers, and teachers, Studio Savec is where you can turn your “artistic dreams into reality.”  Not only has Studio Savec hosted all of CATNIP’s theatrical productions thus far, we have been able to collaborate with “Savecians” in set design,production, advertising, marketing, and cinematography.

logo_goviral (1)GoViral.cz | GoViral is our amazing social media marketing team, whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with since 2015.  GoViral is a team of creative, enthusiastic, social media marketing professionals who are in love with the internet and obsessed with their clients. GoViral was launched in 2011 by Belinda Filippelli, a MBA graduate with 18+ years of marketing experience in 5 countries across three continents, and an awe inspiring entrepreneur, producer and creative, whom also made her stage debut in the 2015 Prague Fringe Festival remount of Dick and Jayne Get A Life.

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TLH LOGO (1)The Language House, TEFL

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