Harlem’s Awakening

February 2016 – Studio Savec

In this one-woman show, Peppur Chambers, also known as the Creator and Founder of the international performance group, The Brown Betties, brings the characters of her novella, “Harlem’s Awakening” to life in this engagingly performative “show about a book with a book”. You’ll be transported into 1940’s America where you’ll follow the unsettling journey of eighteen-year-old Harlem Markeson as she desperately tries to reinvent herself in New York. In this live, 60-minute, story-telling experience, conceived, directed and produced by Nicole J. Adelman, you’ll enter a seedy underworld where each character fights to unburden their deepest secrets while watching Harlem fight to get out.

Debut Prague Fringe 2014; Nominated: Performance Award
English Language
Suitable for adults only

Info regarding booking and reviews of the show, here: https://peppurchambers.com/stage/harlems-awakening-storytelling-live/