Who we are

CATNIP | Contemporary American Theatre Now In Prague

Created by Nicole J. Adelman and Peppur Chambers in 2015.

Peppur Chambers
Nicole J. Adelman

Our Mission Statement:

With a focus on stories that speak to social, political, economic and gender themes, CATNIP (Contemporary American Theatre Now In Prague) produces invigorating environmental and experiential theater in Prague at the highest possible standard.

When Peppur met Nicole in Los Angeles in 2013, she immediately knew that Nicole had to play the main character in her production, “Dick and Jayne Get A Life,” which then debuted at the Hollywood Fringe Festival later that year. At the time, Peppur was working on a web series called Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, and Nicole was acting and producing and hosting a radio show.

In 2014, Nicole, Peppur and her mom packed up their things and came to Prague to perform “Harlem’s Awakening” at the Prague Fringe Festival. They liked Prague so much that they decided to stick around and start their own theatre production company, and so CATNIP was born. Nicole was already connected with The Language House, and Peppur followed suit, creating a strong relationship between CATNIP and The Language House. With their sponsorship and support, many of CATNIP’s actors and crew come from The Language House.

Stephanie Cohen

And then they met Stephanie Cohen, another teacher from The Language House. With the addition of her talent and support, CATNIP has put on three productions so far. In February of 2016, they performed Harlem’s Awakening. In August of 2016, they performed A Streetcar Named Desire. And most recently, they produced Glengarry Glen Ross in April of 2017.

Nicole J. Adelman – Artistic Director

Peppur Chambers – Marketing Director

Stephanie Cohen – Managing Director/Sponsorship

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